Bodhgaya  Development  Association

The members of the BDA would like to extend many thanks for the support received for our projects in the Bodhgaya area.

◊ Our work began in Bodhgaya in 1993 in a small tent offering basic education to underprivileged children who otherwise had  no access to education.  ◊ From these simple beginnings the Prajna Vihar School now educates 500 children in two solid, two-storey brick buildings with sixteen staff.  The cost to educate one child per annum is approximately A$90.  
◊ The school has no religious agenda – Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christian teachers  and students work together for the common goal of providing and receiving an education.
◊ Whilst the school is our main project, we support various other community enrichment programs such as:
* Medical aid to poor communities
* Rural schools
* Micro financing for women’s groups
* Skill training for impoverished villages
* TB and Health Clinics

If you would like further information please refer  to our web page and Facebook posts.
The BDA (incorporated since 2001) is a completely voluntary organisation that self-funds its running costs enabling 100% of your donation to go directly  to those in need.  

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