Prajna Vihar School

The Prajna Vihar School (literally "Abode of Wisdom") is an inter-religious school for children from poor backgrounds  in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India. It has Christian, Muslim and Hindu teachers and students from all these religions as well as Buddhists. 

The school started in 1990 and currently (2018) has around 650 students. Teaching is in Hindi and apart from teaching the normal curriculum and Ethics and Dance, students are encouraged to see the richness in each of the different religious traditions. The school is managed by a not-for-profit society, called the Prajna Vihar Inter-religious Education Society (PVIES). 

A brief yet comprehensive account of the school's history which includes a tour of the school at the time of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations in February 2015 can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/d4a4x2J4L8c

The school relies primarily on donations from the West and increased support is very much needed. To give an idea of the costs, we need to raise approximately US$90 per annum per student to provide a holistic and good education. These costs include teacher salaries for the principal and fourteen teachers. A rare opportunity to educate and change the life of a child for such little money! 

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PV School 25th Anniversary Celebrations