Amar Jyoti Developmental Centre for  the Empowerment of Women
For the past 2 years, in Bodhgaya, Bihar, Sr Manisha has been establishing and supervising women’s groups and tailoring classes for the Dalit women and non-formal education centres for children. The groups and classes empower the Dalit women and provide them with additional knowledge and skills that will help prevent illness and provide future job opportunities. The children’s classes reinforce their studies at the government schools to help students achieve better.

Tailoring centres and Education & Awareness Raising Project
Currently there are two tailoring centres operating at Amar Jyoti and Khajwati Village. At the tailoring centres, the women learn how to sew which enables them to earn a living. In addition to completing a one year training course in tailoring.

Besides offering skills to improve their livelyhood Amar Jyoti empower with knowlwedge.
Key areas:
Women’s health issues, including proper menstrual hygiene and management
• Personal hygiene and environmental sanitation
• Nutrition and health
• Immunisation awareness for children and pregnant mothers
• Knowledge of different illnesses, their causes, symptoms, preventions and cure
• Awareness of the healing properties of local herbs and how to use them
• Social justice issues, including human trafficking, rape, dowry deaths
• Information technology.

Non formal Education Centres
Currently there are three non-formal education centres located in nearby villages. Each centre has 30 to 40 children. These centres aim to help those facilitating education to be part of capacity building programmes. Last year 30 children were consequently enrolled in government schools. These children get a scholarship, school uniform and textbooks free.