Our Projects
The BDA has provided funds for different programs. The longest program we have been supporting is the development, running and expansion of the Prajna Vihar School, which provides education for children of the very poor who would otherwise receive no schooling or very low standard schooling.

From late 2014 we started supporting three other programs.

One of these,  Jeevan Deep, offers education and health services to low case communities in and around Bodhgaya. We are providing funds for the health care service.The second new program,  Asha Seva Kendra (literally Centre Serving Hope) is for education and support for marginalised tribal women, about three hours drive south east from Bodhgaya.
This is the first time we have supported a program outside Bodhgaya. We have an association with the organisation providing this service through our long term association with Sister Mary Lobo, whose work in Bodhgaya we supported while she was alive.

While we are providing a small level of funding for Asha Seva Kendra, we realise that some donors would prefer to support programs in the Bodhgaya area. If you would like to support Asha Seva Kendra, please specify this when you make a donation.
The third new program provides education on health issues and support for marginalised communities in and around Bodhgaya. It is run by a Sr Manisha, a social worker who has run programs in poor communities for thirty years.

We have supported other programs in the Bodhgaya area such as Mahisi Gyanodaya Abhiyan (Campaign for Awakening Wisdom) and Nari Jagran Manch (literally Forum for Women's Awakening) a life skills, literacy and community-based micro-credit program for low caste and illiterate women and girls.

All work done for the BDA is voluntary with adminstrative costs being donated by people on the management committee in Australia. Because of this, all money donated goes to the projects themselves and no Westerner gets paid from donations.
The BDA manages to keep up its yearly support for the projects from the generosity of people in the West. If you would like to contribute or to find out more, please contact us.

The following links give access to project related sites:

BDA Web Site:                        http://www.bdainc.org.au
Donations and Support:         http://www.bdainc.org.au/support-bda
Prjna Vihar School:                www.pvschool.in/  
PV School Facebook Page:     https://www.facebook.com/pvschoolbg 
BDA Face Book Page:             https://www.facebook.com/BodhgayaDevelopmentAssociation/ 
Kerstin Liebchen-Meades      http://kliebchen.edublogs.org/
Old Website:                           www.dharma.org.au/bda