Use your skills

Giving communities are strong communities.  We welcome the generous support of skilled volunteers. If you have skills in the following areas or if you can help in other ways, please contact us.  

Are you a natural problem solver? Do you have a head for logistics? Do you know anyone who regularly freights goods to India? Do you have connections with any local storage providers? Much of what we do relies on thce resourcefulness of community members like you.

Graphic designer
We always the creative input of people with skills in graphic design to create our promotional materials - newsletters, cards, invitations to our fundraising events and the like.

Communications guru
Do you have what it takes to manage a communications campagin for us? or maybe you're a social media addict and wnt to channel your efforts to a good cause? If you are interested in being our social media contributor, editor, or graphic designer, we would love to hear from you.

Activities coordinator - Letter writing project 
BDA maintains a number of activities that bring awareness and connects school students in Australia and India.  One of these activities is a letter writing project where students in both countries exchange letters about daily life through their eyes.