Make a donation

By supporting BDA with your donation you are giving vital funds that enable us to continue our work in providing education, healthcare and community support that is breaking the cycles of poverty and disadvantage for one of the most marginalised population groups globally.

You can be sure that you are making the maximum impact from your donation because 100% of it goes directly to the children and families participating in our projects on the ground.  BDA's administrative operations are resourced by the love and generosity of dedicated supporters in Australia who give their time freely because they believe in the work we do.  

$100 will educate one child for a year. Education is the key to better life outcomes, greater access to employment, escaping poverty, supporting families and developing communities. See how education is making a difference to the lives of children at Prajna Vihar School.

$50 will teach two women to sew. With relatively easy access to haberdashery and a constant demand for tailoring skills we are working with more and more women with an interest in this skillset but who do not have the means to access it. Read more about the work you are supporting.
Equipment and materials
$75 purchases materials and resources for community health and education projects. Often the biggest barriers for local teachers and healthcare professionals are a lack of access to the tools they need to do their work well. Read more about the equipment and materials are being used by the ASK Program.

$25 buys basic health services for rural communities and supports healthcare programs delivered by local organisations such as Jeevan Deep.

Every bit counts.  $7 can give a child the exercise books and stationery they will need for the coming school year. $700 will provide them with a university scholarship. The choice is entirely up to you.