Asha Seva Kendra (literally "Centre Serving Hope") is a centre in Gomia, in Jharkhand state, about two and a half hours drive from Bodhgaya. The centre is run by the order of sisters that Sr Mary Lobo belonged to. We supported Mary Lobo's work in Bodhgaya for some years and were impressed with her dedication, careful articulate reports and warm manner. We have found very similar qualities in other sisters in the Assumpta Society.

Reports from ASK on application of BDA Funding
Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. 
We could reach out to and accompany these marginalized people who are so weak and fragile, because of the BDA Committee's generous support, good will and encouragement. Your supportive help has made the ASK’s dream come true and we still need your support in future. The constant selfless service of yours builds a wholesome community and sense of gratefulness to God, to you and to others. Thanks a million. 
ASK Coordinator,
 Sr. Louise Mary, 10/04/2017

Dear BDA
We have received your generous funds in September’15. We are sending you the account of the amount you had sent us to purchase the urgent need for our mission.

Education Materials – Black, White & Boards, Projector & Screen, Pencils will be shared and used for all our work in Health, Women’s Organization and Education. This will be very helpful and effective learning and teaching through Audio-Visual. There are other materials like roller Boards,  registers, coloring materials, Papers etc. are for Non-Formal Education. 
Light System – As we have frequent power cut, so most of the time TB Health Center (Hospital with in patients) and Dispensary remains in dark. Because of your generosity now we have Battery, Inverter and wiring Materials etc and we are getting light all through the day and night for the Inpatients, in the Dispensary and for Training programmes.
Computer- For the office of our works – To record, to collect data, To account, to prepare programme etc. for all our works.
TB Testing Materials – Microscope was one of the urgent need articles, so we manage to get it earlier. Instead of Microscope we purchased another urgent need- TB testing materials. There are regularly check up and test for TB in our center. We have sputum collection and test, ESR and HIV/AIDS test and for X-ray we send to nearby Hospital. Now, that we got all necessary things for our Laboratory,  It facilitates to detect and to tests in better way.
Cooking Vessels- We conduct one day, two day or overnight training programmes, Seminars, camps, so we provide food for the participants. We have some vessels to cook but not sufficient. In order to facilitate this we have added big vessels. This will help us and facilitate us to cater for more people.

Full Reports with Pictures:

Development Program Report 2017


Asha Seva Kendra 2015 Financial Report

Tom Riddle, in collaboration with the locals of Gomia, Jharkhand, India, gives a telling insight of life in this part of India.
The beauty of the people and the life they lead is well portrayed.
It also shows the cost to the community of overwork, lack of good nutrition, poor education and very little health care.
He then introduces Asha Seva Kendra and their mission to support their community. 
Please take a few moments to view.

You can support Asha Seva Kendra click link
Asha Seva Kendra in Gomia - 2017
One of the supporters of BDA programs, Tom Riddle, was in India in early 2015.
He visited the program in Gomia and provided a report.

Report on visit to Gomia, March 2015.

He also took photos of people in the clinic and Santhal women in the education programs.